The benefits of SLS are amazing. This powder bed fusion technology requires no support structures allowing freedom of design with part properties comparable to injection molding. However, the technology is not for the faint at heart. This complex array of thermal and laser energy with variations in powder requires constant monitoring and validation of the process.


FDM is a filament extrusion process. This technology is most common in 3D printing as it is popular among hobbyist and do it yourself types. However, FDM is very much used in industrial applications including high performance plastics for aerospace and automotive. Parts often represent real world material properties but have the lowest in resolution and printing speed.


SLA is a photocurable resin process. This technology produces the highest quality prints with amazing accuracy and detail. A wide range of thermoset resins are available to meet many demanding applications. Whether you need functional prototypes or crystal clear test pieces, SLA is a great choice. Most RTV master patterns are produced with SLA.

Material Selector Guide

Material Selector Guide